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Latasha Kinnard is the CEO of Godesté.  She started her corporate career managing multi-million dollar budgets for some of the biggest brands in the world.  Today, Tasha uses her superpowers to help women and working professionals like you take control of their finances to hit their first 6-figures and beyond. 
Holistic Wealth Coach
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Latasha Kinnard
I read this ebook and loved it It is easy to read, easy to follow and I absolutely love the writing style. I can't wait to get the full length book,  Make it Reign , when it comes out.

SharRon Jamison
The Life Strategist at Dare to Soar Higher
This book is brilliant! I've read books from Suze Orman, Carl Icahn, and even Tony Robbins. None of them are as fun and relatable as this. This book is a real jewel and I've already pre-ordered the full length book  Make it Reign.

Demecos Chambers
Anti Fear Coach at
Fox has their 'Empire', but where is yours? Latasha's new ebook leads a fun but sometimes uncomfortable conversation about young professionals and personal finance. I read many self help financial books and they usually pretty much say the same old thing, but this one is different. To be honest, this book was one that I couldn't put down. 

Dominique Huff
CEO 10th Amendment Group
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